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Discover the shade of Summer

Expand your subtropical garden

Summer is finally here and the season is ideal for your subtropical planting. At Plant Zone Direct, you can find Northland's largest selection of Hibiscus, which will thrive in the heat and full sun and give you that touch of colour. Enjoy the exotic fragrance of Frangipanis and Gardenias. You will love the dramatic, contrasting foliage of our Heliconias, Cordylines, Birds of paradise and many more iconic subtropical plants. Add depth and volume with climbers like Bougainvilleas or tall Palms for a show-stopping subtropical garden.


Try water gardening

Incorporating a water element to your garden is a delight for the sight and much easier than you think. You may already have a pond and only require adding water plants, such as Water lilies, Lotus or marginal plants, all available at our garden centre. Or you might want to create a water garden in a watertight container, and add a fountain feature powered by our solar equipment for a soothing atmosphere and relaxing sounds. Whatever your project is, our staff will be here to advise you on the requirements and our products (water plant fertiliser, solar pumps, aquatic soil...). 
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Sculptures and Feature Pots

We have an extensive range of sculptures at the garden centre to bring movement to your garden. The ever-gentle swaying of Windsticks adds a great feature to your garden. A stunning new collection of wind sculptures are also striking in their unique designs and shapes. As well as that, we stock many fantastic looking Oceanic Pots, Birdbaths and water bowls. These are popular as they make a lovely centrepiece or feature at the entrance to your home. Don't forget to check out our glazed pots in the Pot Shed for a large choice of colour and size. 

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Indoor Plants

We are Northland’s Indoor plant experts and our team is very knowledgeable for all the tips and how to care for your living décor. Because they make wonderful gifts, are low maintenance and brighten up your home, we showcase our large range of indoor plant at the very entrance of our garden center. Come and admire the classic Hoyas, the original hanging baskets and the cascading succulents. We have new and exciting plants arriving regularly, but the rare ones sell out fast! We also stock an extensive line of cover pots and other indoor plant requirements like moss poles or leafshine spray.

Kerikeri's most inspirational Garden Centre

A great range of plants including NZ's largest vireya range, rare & hard to find plants, as well as a good range of garden care products, and a lovely selection of gifts, home décor, wall art, skin care etc.


Vireya Rhododendrons

NZs largest range of Rhododendrons with over 500 varieties.

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The majority of our plants are grown right here in our own nursery.

This means better value, bigger range and superior quality of plants, and our knowledge of growing requirements to advise you. 

It also means we can supply large numbers for the bigger garden landscaping jobs.

We  stock a good range of Garden Accessories such as fertilisers & plant health, potting mix, seeds & seedlings.

We have a number of harder to find products such as Niwashi tools, direct imported pots, Chook manure, Quality compost, Bioboost fertiliser.

We also now have a lovely gift shop with gifts, home décor, skin & body care for yourself or a gift.

Check out our new revamp of the toy area, we have a whole lot of new exciting quality toys, with a big range of building toys for boys, science, educational, wooden & metal toys

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Growing Giant Pumpkins

* Dig 1 metre deep holes 3-4 metres apart and blend in lots of well-rotted manure and mulch. The more the merrier! The end result should be a raised friable mound that will settle down over time. Generous amounts of a balanced fertilizer should also be applied well in advance into the mounds.

* Sow seeds or transplant out after last frosts have passed. Traditionally Labour Weekend (late October) in most areas.

* Keep well watered to encourage deep rooting and vigorous growth.

* When the plants start to run, bury the vine with only the leaf and half the leaf stalk showing, making the plant put down more roots from the base of each leaf axial anchoring the plant and helping the uptake of water and nutrients.

* When the fruit starts to set, thin to the single best fruit on each vine.

* Pumpkins can put on up to 5kg weight a day if watered well through the summer months so soak well every day. Watering is best done first thing in the morning.

* Place a thick layer of straw, shredded newspaper or cardboard under the fruit while small to help prevent rot setting in on the underside.

* The pumpkin will have reached its maximum size when the vine starts to die back down, usually after 120 days.

* Fruit colour can vary from yellow to orange and the skin is slightly rough.

* Cut the pumpkin from the vine leaving a wick at least 20cm long.

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