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Plantzone Direct organises an annual fundraiser: the Giant pumpkin competition. All profits are donated to Saint John Kerikeri. 

We would like to thank our sponsors:

Ake Ake vineyard

Generous sponsor to Plant Zones annual St John Giant Pumpkin Competition, Ake Ake is also a superb choice for a night out.

Chang Siam restaurant

Another generous sponsor to our Giant Pumpkin competition, Kerikeri's own authentic Thai Restaurant, Chang Siam Restaurant, highly recommended for lunch, dinner, affordable staff functions etc.

How to grow Giant Pumpkins


* Dig 1 metre deep holes 3-4 metres apart and blend in lots of well-rotted manure and mulch. The more the merrier! The end result should be a raised friable mound that will settle down over time. Generous amounts of a balanced fertilizer should also be applied well in advance into the mounds.

* Sow seeds or transplant out after last frosts have passed. Traditionally Labour Weekend (late October) in most areas.

* Keep well watered to encourage deep rooting and vigorous growth.

* When the plants start to run, bury the vine with only the leaf and half the leaf stalk showing, making the plant put down more roots from the base of each leaf axial anchoring the plant and helping the uptake of water and nutrients.

* When the fruit starts to set, thin to the single best fruit on each vine.

* Pumpkins can put on up to 5kg weight a day if watered well through the summer months so soak well every day. Watering is best done first thing in the morning.

* Place a thick layer of straw, shredded newspaper or cardboard under the fruit while small to help prevent rot setting in on the underside.

* The pumpkin will have reached its maximum size when the vine starts to die back down, usually after 120 days.

* Fruit colour can vary from yellow to orange and the skin is slightly rough.

* Cut the pumpkin from the vine leaving a wick at least 20cm long.

Giant Pumpkin Competition! -NOW CLOSED-

Enter for good fun & a great cause with all profits donated to Kerikeri St John Ambulance.

St John

Prizes for:
Heaviest Pumpkin, Ugliest Pumpkin, Best Dressed Pumpkin, most imaginative use of a giant pumpkin, etc
Pumpkins Pumpkins
Call in now for an entry form,
76 Kapiro Rd, Kerikeri, PH 09 4071645 or email tedgecombe@maxnet.co.nz to arrange entry by mail.
   Entry $8 incl seeds, fertiliser & instructions.
Great prizes, plus lots of spot prizes, judging is in March.
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